Chateau de Martel

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Martel has a private swimming pool, that is not overlooked and the garden has all the space you are likely to need. 


Masses of lawn to run about and give a shout, play ping pong, bounce on the trampoline , do press-ups, fly a kite, listen to tree frogs or chase butterflies. 


Eating outside is a joy at Martel, tables to the East, ideal for breakfast sunshine and tables to the south .for sunny lunches  and fun barbecues.


The pool is to the south of Martel. It has sunshine all day, plenty of wooden sun beds and several umbrellas. We do ask you to bring your own pool towels. 


Huge plane trees line the entrance to Martel, they cast shadows and provide wonderful cool areas . Wild flower meadows are a delight


The ambiance Martel has to offer is well worth experiencing




















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